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Functional Training

What is "Functional Training"?

The term can include a large range of exercises and equipment, and it can apply to sport performance training, rehabilitation , corrective posture, and training for improved daily life.

Simply put, Functional Training is about proper movement. This makes Functional Training great for Everyone!

Functional Training for Sport Performance

  • Proper cross training is critical to counter the negative effects of repetitive motions common in many sport movements
  • Increasing efficiency of motor patterns through Functional Training allows for optimal power generation, which is vital in many sports
  • Improving joint mobility and stability can decrease the potential for an injury sustained in sport performance

Functional Training for Rehabilitation

  • Before, during, and after Physical Therapy for an injury or surgery, Functional Training can be incorporated in order to help you return more quickly to normal activity and exercise
  • Exercises that mimic what patients do at home or work are implemented by a trainer
  • Our trainers with Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation Specialties will work closely with your Physical Therapist and Doctor to get you stronger than before the injury

Functional Training for Daily Life

  • Exercises that will help train you to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries
  • Combat the effect of sitting or standing all day at work and address chronic pain issues that result from a sedentary lifestyle
  • Restoring proper movement patterns allows your body to utilize energy more effectively, supporting weight loss and maintenance goals as well
  • Functional Training workouts are typically more time efficient than workouts that incorporate mainly isolated movements, making them easier to fit into a busy schedule